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Free In Depth Trends For Major Races

If you have ever read the Racing & Football Outlook Newspaper
you will have seen Dave Renham's horse racing research column
detailing ten year trends for major races.

Dave has extended the coverage and detail level on his new Horse Race Report
personal website.

He is promising you five major races assessed and detailed for FREE

A big thumbs up.

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How Do You Assess A Horse Race?

I am sure you and everyone else you know has an opinion.

The truth about life however is that some people's opinions are
are more accurate and consistent than others.

When it comes to the major races on the calendar each year
who should you heed if planning a punt?

A- The bloke down the pub?


B - The respected researcher who has tediously assessed ten years of
past data to pin point precisely what are the profitable angles and what are not?

If you think A ..good luck to you.

If you think B ( as I do ) then go get his FREE stuff at


Best Wishes


What Is Race Profiling?

Every major race on the racing ca lender has
different sets of characteristics.

Race Profiling is in essence using researched facts
to identify the key characteristics of a particular race.

You may for example find that a disproportionate
amount of winners come from a certain weight band.
You may find trainers who target and excel at a particular race.
Sometimes it can be official ratings that hold they key.
Or it could be the likes of last time out stats that have proven important.

The name of the game in essence is using cold hard facts and figures
to attempt to rule out unlikely winners or non long term profitable
contenders to leave yourself with a tighter shortlist to focus on.

History does have a lot to teach us and should never be ignored.

One big downside however of such an approach is that it takes
a lot of effort to go back over say ten years running of a race
to discover what the important facts for that unique race have been.

Don't you think it would be of great help to have a skilled researcher
take on the majority of that tedious boring data gathering grind for you?

Given a choice of spending several days hard grind
pulling together all the data on a single race or just having
it all done for you .. what would you choose?

Well step up Dave Renham who is deemed worth enough by
the the likes of Racing and Football Outlook newspaper
to do research for them.

His HorseRaceReport site will provide you with
several major race reports for FREE

Invest in his great value paid membership
and he will send you a lot more.

Dave provides quality work

Go check it out at


Best Wishes

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