Horse Race Report

Each Major Uk Horse Race Is A Unique Event.

We Give You The Facts Unique About Each Major Race

Knowledge Is Power - Use Facts To Profit



My name is Dave Renham and what I want to offer you now is a chance to join my Horse Race Report service.



What Exactly Do I Get As A Client?

For roughly one hundred major races over the Flat and National Hunt seasons I will send you a copy of my Big Race Trends reports. These reports examine the last ten years runnings of each race considered and highlight to you characteristics to look out for as proven by history. Typically I will send these reports days ahead of racing.


Is This A Tipping Service?

No. The core aim of the service is to provide you with a lot of useful researched information about each major race covered. I will point you with facts and figures to some of the key lessons history has to teach us about the sort of profiles and characteristics of horses who win these races while looking for a profitable long term edge. These facts and figures are intended to help guide you make more informed backing or laying decisions. They are a useful extra tool that you can use when making your own final mind up. This provides you with a lot of flexibility. You may wish to back. You may wish to Lay. You may wish to do both. Your call. You may wish to target only longer priced horses. You may wish to target only shorter priced horses. Again your choice.


What Sort Of Factors Do You Assess?

This is not an exhaustive list but here are some of the factors considered.

Betting Market Factors - such as favouritism, whether in top three of betting or top six of betting and odds range.

Last Time Out Factors - position in market LTO, Whether top three in betting LTO, course LTO etc.

Age Factors - how horses of different ages have performed in the race in question.

Official Ratings - Is it better to back top officially rated horses or do the opposite etc?

Breeding - Do the French, British, American or Irish bred horses show any edge etc?

Class Change - Are horses that go up or perhaps down in class profitable long term?

Trainer Stats - Anything noteworthy about certain trainers and the race in question?

General Stats - Extra notworthy points that don't fit neatly into the boxes above.


Which Races Will The Service Cover?

My aim is to cover about fifty of the most major races over the flat season and then the same again for the National Hunt Season. I will produce an advance schedule with more precise detail of all races covered in the near future.




Sounds Good - What Do I Do Now?

Nothing to do I'm afraid.

We recently shut down the paid service here and it is no longer operational.

A bit of a dissapointment I know but Dave found himself with increased 9-5 day job hrs of

about 60 hrs a week teaching maths and sports. His free time became pretty non existant.

But who knows what the future may hold.